Get paid to lose weight

I’m hosting a 4 week weight loss challenge with Dietbet September 2022. For everyone that participates, I’ll be sharing My top weight loss strategies, recipes, meal ideas and printables.

Here’s what a Dietbet Challenge is:

  • You can lose 4% of your bodyweight in just 4 weeks if you sign up for $35 bet
  • In just 4 weeks, you can lose 4% of your bodyweight
  • Split the pot among all challenge participants who achieved their goal.
  • Cash out the money.

(Click here for more information about Dietbet(e.g. how they verify your body weight, etc.

I’ve participated in 5 rounds of Dietbet The last five to six years have been challenging. And each time, I put money on the line to help me reach my fat loss goal.

Why not join my Dietbet Challenge?

  • I’ll be sharing mindset, meals, movement, and motivation.
  • You’ll kickstart your weight loss efforts for the fall
  • Printables, freebies and recipes, journal prompts and more!
  • You’ll have a group of women who are going through the same challenges! This first Dietbet I’m keeping it to women over 40! This will allow you to share your experiences with other women in a safe, nurturing, non-judgmental space.

Guidelines for Women Over 40 on Weight Loss Challenge

You are welcome to try any program to lose 4% of your body weight. These are the steps that worked for me and I recommend them to others.

  • Do your best work Mentality: Did you eat impulsively or intentionally? Why? What was it that your brain told you to do?
  • MealsYou can eat 4 meals per day and you should not snack between meals.
  • Record All your food in one food tracking app (ALL OF It)
  • Exercise daily! Even on rest days, walk, set a goal for a step, or do something physically active.

Disclosure: This challenge is hosted by me and I get paid! As a host, Dietbet shares a portion of this pot!

Dietbet weight loss challenge women over 40- join us and lose weight once and for all

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