My weight loss journal – Days 31+ I am taking a break to focus on maintenance, but I’m ready to get back to it today! (See the other days of this weight loss journal here.

I wanted to give you a quick update on my efforts to lose 10lbs. I found it a little more difficult to resist my favourite foods over the holidays than I thought.

Last I checked in my weigh in was 112.6, and 3 weeks later, I’m still 112.6!

But, here’s the wins for the holidays and how I at least maintained my weight, and didn’t gain!

  • I tracked my food. All of it. Even the quick bites, tastes, cookie dough, food from other people I couldn’t accurately track, etc. I was actually eating between 1800-2000 calories per days, but I kept track of it all.
  • I kept track of how many calories I exercised to get a clearer picture of my true maintenance calories. It turns out that I can maintain my weight if I keep track of calories burned (exercise plus NEAT and calories consumed).
  • I never overate! This may be my biggest win. It made me feel so proud of enjoying delicious food, without it turning into a bingefest.
  • I continued to exercise, which wasn’t hard because I truly love to exercise.
  • I kept indulgences for social dining (most of the times). Sometimes I’m guilty of tasting a few cookies before we go to a party, and then also eating those cookies when we get to the party. LOL.
  • I try to get 100g protein each day.
  • I also realized that 112 was a great weight. I’d like to be 110 just so I can have a range (110-115), but once I go over 115, it’s a whole new size of jeans for me!

It is there. I’m still 112. I’m trying to lose a few more pounds just to have some wiggle room, but I’m so happy to have 5 lbs gone and I think I can keep it here!

I’ll check back in diary style every few weeks and let you know how maintenance is going!

weight loss journal day 31 plus - maintaining weight loss

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