Day 10 in my weight loss journal: 1500 calories When it feels like it isn’t fair that you have to suffer so much just to lose 10- lbs, remember to make life more interesting than your next meal. (See the other weight loss journals here.

Day 10 Life beyond food

It’s not gonna be a lie. The scale was something that I was unhappy with today. It sure feels like I’m not making any progress, despite trying so hard!

I believe the Last 10 lbs People find it so difficult to lose weight because of the struggle (suffering) and the payoff (10lbs) that might not seem worth it. When you’re only 10bs away from your goal, eating a Crumbl cookie now is a trade off most of us are willing to make, even if you REALLY want to lose 10 lbs.

There is one thing that is really important to keep in mind. As someone who has LOVES how I feel at my goal weight, and someone who let myself have the cookie for more than 40 years…. It is worth it!!

I used to be very upset by the weight loss mentality of “It’s not fair!”.

  • Everyone else doesn’t have to be so rigid with their diet, just to be at a desirable weight!”
  • It’s also not fair that I have to miss out on many delicious treats.
  • It’s not fair that I have to suffer indefinitely to keep the body I want.

Amy, who is healthier than ever, has reframed my thinking and I now have new thoughts!

  • My body has been a great support system for me in eating healthy food. Honestly, If I were effortlessly at my goal weight, I’d probably eat like crap.
  • I spent more than 40 years in the military. “not missing out”It gave me the food I craved, but it did not give my life the direction I desired. You are not missing out by refusing to eat an 800 calorie cookie. That’s choosing a great life.
  • This isn’t suffering. Stop being so dramatic! Haha.

Life Beyond Food

If you’ve read my story about my first bikini prep weight loss, you might remember this quote that kept me on track. “May your life be more interesting than your next meal”.

My life doesn’t have to revolve around food. I love food. I’m even in a culinary program right now, and I’m a food blogger. BUT, thoughts of food doesn’t have to take complete ownership of my brain.

It was then that it dawned on me that I needed other adult hobbies than eating! I enjoy eating a lot. I love to cook and enjoy looking at recipes online. But, most days, when I’m just eating eggs and oatmeal every morning, there should be something that gets me excited beyond food.

It turns out that I have other interests than eating. Some of them are

  • Take pictures
  • Hiking
  • Doing puzzles
  • Religion study
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Makeup
  • Playing games together with my children
  • Reading

I’d love to hear what some of your adult hobbies are beyond food! I’m always looking for something to busy myself doing.

Day 10: 117.3

Ugh. I’m not going to say anything about that number today. It’s something I want to ignore.

My Meals

Here are some photos of the 2022 seasonal Built Bars. They have made me feel so much better. They are so much my favorite thing!

I was a vegetarian and I cooked my own meals.

My Workout

Today was leg day! Why is leg day so special to me?

This was a fantastic 7 mile run today! It took just 60 minutes. Even though I’m probably still recovering from the long run on Saturday, I averaged a 9:30 pace. My proximal tendonopathy of the hamstring has been improving!

I listened one of them. Brodie Sharp’s podcastHere’s a new study on hamstring tendonopathy therapy. The study involved a man lifting very heavy loads, but it was slow and controlled. He did squats, leg curls, dead lifts, etc. For leg day, I was very heavy and counted three seconds for each direction of my lift. Felt great!

That’s it for today. Be back tomorrow!

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