Kit Keenan recently made headlines in the fitness and health industry.

Rumours have swirled that Cynthia Rowley, the 22-year old TV personality and daughter to a prominent American fashion designer, had lost weight.

But did Kit Keenan lose weight?

Find out everything about Keenan’s body secrets and diet in this article. 

Who is Kit Keenan?”

Kit Clementine Keenan (American model and influencer) is born May 20, 1999. She was born May 20, 1999 and is currently the youngest contestant. ‘The Bachelor,’American reality TV show, produced by Mike Fleiss.

Keenan is a well-known fashion designer and actor. KIT, a clothing brand she founded in 2008, is her first.

Kit, along with her mum, co-hosts Ageless, a podcast where they chat about business, fashion and life.

Did Kit Keenan lose weight?

Kit focuses on healthy living and staying fit, but we cannot say for sure that she underwent any weight loss.

Keenan shared a routine diet and workout with her followers in a video she uploaded to her YouTube channel in September 2020.

The 22-year-old influencer was already healthy. She weighed just 121 pounds and did not need to lose weight.

Kit Keenan’s secret diet plan


Kit, as we can see, did not lose weight. She simply paid more attention to what she ate.

Kit admitted to engaging in intermittent fasting, and eating plant-based and animal products in one of her YouTube videos. She also added that she doesn’t have a single diet plan.

She also mentioned that she ate lots protein and fats, including eggs, avocado, and other fruits and vegetables.

Kit Keenan exercises

Keenan lives an active lifestyle, there’s no doubt.

“I try to move every day, whether that be a workout class, a surf session, or just a long walk listening to my favorite podcast.”

She is also committed to her routine exercises. Sunday Edit spoke with her about how she does steady-state low-intensity exercises a lot.

In her words

“I love LISS training like walking and Pilates – it’s easier on the joints and keeps the muscles long and lean.”

A low-intensity steady state exercise is an aerobic exercise performed at a low level to moderate intensity over a sustained and extended period. Other examples of LISS include; swimming, cycling, and hiking.

Keenan also mentioned that all her workouts are done at home. She uses jumpropes, bands and ankle weights for her recovery.

These materials are very affordable and easily available on Amazon. You should definitely consider buying them.

Kit Keenan’s workouts include;

  • Back pain relief with extension
  • Cardio exercises for pre-Thanksgiving
  • Workout to lose weight in your ankles
  • Lean arms workout

Lessons from Kit Keenan’s diet and exercise regimen


Regular exercise is essential for staying fit and healthy.

Keenan wasn’t particularly conscious of her weight but she knew that routine workouts were important. This paid off in her attractive body.

Keep to the exercises that work for you.

Kit found that walking and Pilates were her favorite workouts. If the idea doesn’t seem perfect for you, you can opt for other low-impact exercises like swimming and yoga.

Staying fit is possible by living an active lifestyle

Your fitness depends on your activity level, which will help you burn some calories.


FAQs about Kit Keenan’s weight loss

Is Keenan a victim of weight loss?

Kit Keenan didn’t lose weight.

How much does Keenan weigh?

Kit is 1.65m tall and weighs 55kg (approx. Kit is currently weighing in at 55kg (approx.

Check your BMI.


What is intermittent fasting exactly?

Intermittent Fasting is a method of eating that allows you to alternate between fasting and eating.

You can do it in several ways – all of which involve splitting the day or week into eating and fasting periods.

During fasting, you eat very little or none at all.


Though not an entirely weight transformation story, Kit Keenan’s diet, and workout plan are helpful for anyone trying to achieve weight loss.

However, it is important to consult your doctor before beginning intermittent fasting.

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