My favorite cereals are those that have less than 150 calories per cup!

Growing up, I always envied those kids whose parents actually bought Cap’n Crunch and Fruit Loops. I didn’t understand what was so wrong with starting my day with a bowl of sugary cereal.

I’ve come to understand that my body feels a lot better when I fill it with nutritious foods.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the occasional bowl of “sugar cereal”But I focus on delicious, low-calorie, but filling foods instead.

Please also note that I am not counting calories from the cereal. I don’t often eat cereal plain (and you probably don’t either), but I thought it might be ineffective to factor in the calorie count for milk or yogurt since not everyone drinks the same amount or type of milk with their cereal.

Most cereals are low in calories and have very little or no flavoring. These cereals are great if you like very simple flavors but can be very bland to others. If you’re a fan of plain cheerios, and similar cereals, check out this list by Wide Open Eats.

I wanted to find low-calorie, tasty cereals for this list. Although they have different amounts of sugar and carbohydrates, all the cereals in this list are at least 150 calories. That way you can eat healthier, but not feel like you’re restricting yourself to only eating “healthy food”. It’s a win win for sure!

Low Calorie Cereals

Multigrain Cheerios (110 calories)These are the perfect choice if you are looking for something simple but with a hint of sweetness. These only contain 110 calories for a cup. The good news is that other cheerios flavor have low calorie counts. Blueberry, honeynut, and chocolate are just a handful of flavors that contain 140 calories or less per serving.

Honey Nut Chex (120 calories) You can also try the plain or wheat Chex varieties with some coconut, nuts or berries. However, if you’d like flavored cereal that is ready to eat, give this honey flavored Chex a try! One cup contains 120 calories!

Special K Red Berries (140 calories)– Wanting a fruity flavor? Special K cereals are made with red berries. 140 calories per cup of this cereal You can also choose the Vanilla and Almond, which has 150 calories per serving!

Organic Peanut Butter and Cocoa Balls(113 calories) I substitute healthy foods for unhealthy when I feel the need. For example, you can swap out Reese’s Puffs with these peanut butter and cocoa balls. A cup of coffee has only 113 calories

Kashi GoLean (144 calories)Kashi is a brand that uses minimal sugar and lots of nutrient-packed ingredients in its products. Each cup contains just 144 calories of the original GoLean flavor.

Kix (110 caloriesThis cereal is mild in flavor but very popular with both children and parents. These crispy corn puffs are light sweet and have 110 calories per serving.

This list should help you find a cereal that meets your health goals and is also something you enjoy eating.

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