Priscilla Block, an American artist, specializes in writing and singing country songs. She was born August 11, 1995 in northern Carolina. After graduating high school, she moved to Nashville to pursue a career as a musician.

She started her musical journey by co-writing songs. She released Different Route in 2017 along with several songs about self-love.

She was so into music, her weight problems started to surface. Continue reading to learn about Priscilla Block’s weight loss journey and how it is affecting her.

Priscilla block Weight Loss: How did it happen?

Priscilla attributes her success with country music to Taylor Swift’s inspiration. She decided to encourage others to enter the industry.

Some fans saw her weight issues as a setback. She decided to embark upon a weight-loss journey that would help her reduce her weight and inspire future artists.

Priscilla confirmed that her weight woes were not what she wanted. They put pressure on her to lose weight.

Her fans encouraged her to lose weight as her career progressed. She weighed 70kg, which was too much to pursue a career in music.

After a few weeks of focusing on her weight, she finally lost it. 15 kilogramsAnd she lost from 70 to 55 kilograms. Priscilla has not lost her weight yet. She plans to lose even more weight over time.

Note that Priscilla Block’s weight loss journey was hard due to her love for junk food. But her fans insist that she does something about it.

Priscilla Block’s Diet Plan

Block seems to have no particular diet. Block says she eats what she loves, but chooses healthy foods. She hired a dietician for guidance. avoiding junk foods altogether.

Priscilla claims that she eats low-calorie food to lose weight. Her typical menu includes:

  • Breakfast: Sandwiches, eggs and other foods.
  • Lunch: Salads, soups, and meaty fish are all good options.
  • Evening snack: Green tea, coffee, or fruits.
  • Dinner: Boiled vegetables and chicken breast.

After losing enough weight she now enjoys eating what she loves, but in moderation. She also controls the portions she eats and lives a healthy life.

Priscilla Block Workout Plan

Priscilla eats healthy foods and follows a strict training program. She now weighs 122 lbs and looks radiant and happy.

Priscilla engages in High-intensity training regularly. She also monitors what she eats, and participates in regular training programs. Priscilla does these things to please her fans, and inspire other artists to sing country music.

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Priscilla Block Weight Loss Before After 2022

Priscilla achieved so much in a short period. She was initially a student. 154 poundsShe lost 30 lbs when she began working on her weight. Priscilla weighs 122 lbs (55 kg) and is still trying to lose weight.

Priscilla Block Weight Loss

She is also exercising and eating healthy food. She will eat other foods, but she sticks to her calorie count. She also exercises a lot and does high-intensity workouts.

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Priscilla Block Weight Loss Surgery

Priscilla lock had it? Bariatric surgeryIt’s still uncertain if it will happen. If you look at how quickly she lost 30 lbs, it is easy to understand why she would consider surgery.

Priscilla made headlines when she released a TikTok hit. She was an online entertainer and a well-known TikTok star.

So when she posted her song “It’s all about you“, it excited her fans, and she immediately landed her first contract with Mercury Nashville executives.

Priscilla started her country music career co-writing songs alongside other artists. She also spends time watching Nashville artists perform.

Priscilla also performed in Nashville’s most popular bars, such as Whiskey Jam and Listening room café. 2017 was Priscilla’s first year of recording and releasing her first title. Different Routes.

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She recorded the song at her closet studio, and immediately shared it on social media.

Later, Priscilla recorded a few additional singles and collections. Recently, the country music sensation released a video for her melody “Thick Thigh“.

Priscilla believes in self-love and acceptance. But, it is crucial to lose weight by eating what you love.

According to her story she needed to lose weight in order to make it big in the music industry. She lost 30 lbs through her efforts and now weighs 122.

Many believe that Priscilla underwent weight loss surgery. She insists that she eats well and exercises regularly.

Since she adheres to reasonable dieting, Priscilla hasn’t seen any weight increase. Priscilla is an exception to the rule of many who lose weight and then gain weight again a few months later. After losing 30lbs, she tried to keep in. Shape and focusesFor her well-being.


Priscilla found her way to the music industry by sheer luck. Wearing Taylor Swift’s T-shirts made the musician pull her car aside to learn more about Priscilla.

It inspired Priscilla, who now sings country music, to follow her dream of music. She has also achieved success in To help her get fit, she lost 30 lbs In the music industry.

Priscilla hopes these circumstances will help inspire aspiring artists. She advises her fans not to put on weight and to take advantage of the opportunities to follow their dreams.

I hope you have found the answer to your questions about Priscilla block weight loss.

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