Day 3 of my One Month Weight Loss Journal to Lose 10 Pounds! (All 30 days are available here)

It was a perfect day for an outdoor run. I know there won’t be many mornings left like this. In fact, I think by the end of the week, we’ll be down to under 20 degrees. But for now, I’ll take it.

I was 116.6 lbs this morning, so that’s great! I know it’s not going to be a linear progression, but I can’t help but believe that if the scale is moving down that I’m doing something correct.

Day 3 One Month Weight Loss Plan

This can lead to a lot of problems. If you believe something works, there is more motivation and buy-in.

However, the reverse is true. “did everything right”, it’s really easy to let that be a reason you stop working the plan or being consistent. So, I’m trying to be really careful about putting drama and judgement around the daily weigh-ins.

Day 3 116.6 Pounds

My Meals & Exercise


Yesterday was Sunday, so I didn’t lift. I just ran 6 miles at a steady pace. It was wonderful to be outside and it was unusually warm for November.


I pre-logged my meals each day for a total daily total 1433 calories; 147 g protein; 115 g carbohydrates and 46g fat. I had planned to make eggs, oatmeal, salad and protein shake, as well as chicken and rice stir-fry.

I drank 1 gallons of water and my lemon juice/stevia mixture I mentioned yesterday. I also drank BCAA’s, Creatine, and glutamine.

Discipline can be strengthened by not succumbing to cravings

I ate all of my planned meals. But then, AGAIN, I sneaked in a few extra pieces (just like yesterday). Also, I was practicing making pasta and had quite some pasta dough. I’m kind of weak when it comes to dough. It’s definitely a problem.

That brings me to my diet thought for the day: Your cravings will only get stronger if you give in to them! Your discipline will be stronger if you say no to yourself.

Harvard’s message speaks so loudly to me! (You can read the entire article about Cravings at Harvard right hereThey stated, “In a nutshell,

“NOT eating a food reduced cravings more effectively than eating the food!”


Did you know that if a craving is resisted, the craving will go away quicker than if it is granted?

I will eat anything that I don’t want. I’m never satisfied.

I will be following my own advice and practicing resistance tomorrow! I must remind myself that allowing myself to succumb to the urge will only make it worse. In other words, I need to stop allowing myself 6 slices of toast.

I’ve got some great articles about stopping cravings here and my best weight loss advice here!

one harvard study showed not eating a food reduced cravings more effectively than eating a food b

I’ll be back tomorrow!! Hope you join me!!

Day 3 1 month weight loss journal - not giving into cravings

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