Day 1 of my 1 Month Weight Loss Journal! Goal: lose 10 lbs!

Right now, I’m 10 pounds up from my best weight earlier this year, and my clothes are starting to get tight again. I don’t want to buy a new outfit and I really liked how I felt at my ideal weight. Read about my bikini preparation here.

So, I’m going back to Old school bloggingTo see if I can get back to last spring, I will be documenting the next month (30-days) and taking photos.

I understand that the number on the scale is only a number. But, because I knew I’d forget easily at how good I felt between 105-108lbs (I’m 5ft tall for reference), I kept a journal with notes on how I felt.

People like to tell me not to wait to reach your ideal weight in order to be happy with my life. And while that’s true, I can’t deny that I really was happier. I was more energetic, my clothes fit better, I could go clothes shopping with no depression, and I had an extraordinary level of confidence that showed in all aspects of my social life.

I often wonder how much of that euphoria was simply because I wasn’t overeating. (Read the question that helped me quit overeating.

Overeating can cause serious health problems. We feel sick, lethargic, bloated and have a shorter life span. Huberman This quote was once tweeted by him about fatigue and overeating. He said, “It doesn’t matter what you eat; if you eat too much (volume) of food, you’ll be tired. It’s called blood flow diversion. Eat to 85% full and you’ll avoid this source of fatigue. #science”

Day 1. 117lbs

Today is day one, regardless of how I got here. This morning, I weighed 117 lbs. Compared to where I’ve come from, I’m not mad about being 117 lbs. In fact, I believe I’ve gained muscle over the last 6 months, which is going to add at least 1-2 lbs.

But, at the same time, I know I’m overeating on a daily basis, and it doesn’t make me feel good.

Day 1 One Month Weight Loss Plan

Let’s get started! The current diet plan is:

High protein, moderate carbs and low fat

My weight loss success has been made possible by prioritizing protein. I’m absolutely a carboholic, and I’ll never try a no carb diet. It’s easy to overeat carbs. I will eat a third or fourth slice of toast, but I don’t want another cup of eggs whites.

It’s absolutely not trendy to say you prefer a low fat diet. I also know that dietary fat is vital to your health. I also know that I fail to adhere to my calorie targets when I add nut butters, coconut or fatty meats to my diet. It is extremely difficult for me to adhere to my calorie goals when I add nut butters, coconut, fatty meats, etc. to my diet. I feel bloated from eating nuts and nut butters.

I prefer a low-fat diet. I feel healthier, and I feel like a lot more can be eaten.

Counting Calories (Target 1500)

I originally lost weight eating 1200 calories, but with my added muscle, I’ve been able to maintain the weight loss at 1500. I know I’m eating well above 2000 right now since the scale keeps going up. For the next month, the goal is to get back to 1500 calories.


While I exercise almost daily, it’s been several months since I exercised with any intensity. Most days, I’m just going through the motions and my heart rate barely peaks up above 130. So, for the next 30 days, I’m going to make an effort to

  • You can run for 30-45 minutes in a heart zone 150-180 six days a week.
  • and lift weights 5 days a week, but start tracking my rest time so it’s not more than 30-60 seconds between sets.

Mindset- Just get started

The mindset! For the next month on this weight loss journey, I’ll share in ‘journal style’The struggles and the challenges and how I overcome them.

It’s been difficult to get started right now. Every afternoon, I make excuses for why I think putting off tracking my food for one more day is the best thing. If there is no goal or deadline, I believe that starting tomorrow is a good idea. It allows me to eat whatever I want and feel sick by the evening.

My best mental hack right now is seeing progress. Once I drop a few pounds, I’m EXTREMELY motivated to keep up the momentum. The problem is that it takes more than a few weeks to lose the first few kilos. It’s not hard to see why. ‘feels’ like what I’m doing isn’t working. It just takes patience, consistency and perseverance.

For motivation, I also found this photo on my phone from earlier in the year, when my best weight was. Again, it’s not about the weight, but how comfortable I felt in my skin (and clothes) and I know I felt great in anything I wore during this time!

weight loss goals and motivation

So, I’d love to have you follow along. I likely won’t share that I’m keeping this journal until the 30 days is over, so until then….. I’ll keep publishing a new journal entry every day!

Wish me luck!

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