Kirsten Vangsness is a well-known American actress. Penelope GarciaThe role she played in the CBS series was: Criminal minds. The series aired for more than a decade from September 2005 to February 2020. She plays Penelope Garcia on the show, who is an actress. FBI technical analyst.

Who Is Kirsten Vangsness?

Kirsten Vangsness, an American actress and writer, is well-known. She is best known for her role as Penelope Garcia in the TV series Criminal Minds. 30 TV and film showsActress

Notable mentions include Dave Made a Maze, Shelf Life. Thanks!, Kill Me Deadly. Pretty the Series. The Chicago 8, In My Sleep. Lax., etc.

Kirsten was born on July 7, 1972. Additionally, she is an American citizen. Kirsten started her acting career in theatre, and later starred in numerous movies. She has won many awards. She is also an accomplished writer, and she co-wrote four episodes for the television series. Criminal Minds.

The actress said that she was motivated by her shyness to pursue acting as a career. This shyness was partly attributed to Vangsness’s chubby figure as a teenager. Vangsness became a plus-size woman after becoming an overweight teenager.


Kirsten Vangsness, a happy married actor, talks about her personal life. Keith Hanson. It is not clear if the couple has children.

Kirsten Vangsness’ Weight Loss Journey

She played the role of a fat woman on Criminals minds. Over the years, the actress realized she wasn’t happy with her body and decided to embark on a weight loss journey.

The public was first to see her new look in a Red carpet2014 Kirsten’s weight loss has remained a hot topic even years later after it first became evident to the public because of how much weight the actress could lose in a short time.

The actress lost 200 pounds when she started her weight loss journey. Now, she is 150 pounds. Amazing right? Now let’s break down the secrets behind Kirsten Vangsness weight loss journey.

How did she lose weight?

How did Kirsten Vangsness lose weight?Vangsness attributes her weight loss and success to listening to podcasts and reading books. Renne Stephens. In a tweet, she said that the Inside out podcast by Renne Stephens was all she needed to help her on her weight loss journey.


This podcast encourages people not to view weight loss as a chore. spiritual journeyIt forces them to reevaluate their diet and lifestyle for six consecutive weeks. Vangsness repeatedly stated that her weight loss was due to the podcast’s peaceful approach and perceptive mentality.

There are rumors that Kirsten used weight loss pills and surgery to achieve her weight loss. These rumors were addressed by Kirsten in a tweet, where she wrote.

I lost some weight. I did it by reading a book and listening to a (free) podcast by @stephensRennee. So there. Go forth & educate thyself.

What is the deal with this 6-week program?

Here’s the exact formula Kirsten Vandergsness used for her weight loss.


As we have already mentioned, Kirsten Vangsness used this program to assess her spiritual life and how it relates to her weight loss. Yoga helps her to be at peace even as she loses weight.

She used boat pose and upward plank, warrior pose and trikonasana.

Kirsten Vangsness Diet

Kirsten is a vegetarian This means she has not eaten meat in at least 20 years. This was a huge help in Kirsten Vangsness’ weight loss journey. It was much easier to eat healthier foods. She has since launched her weight loss program, where she teaches people how to eat safe and healthy food. Natural ways to lose fatAs she did.


Although she is often referred to as “Madame”, it is not clear if. Penelope GarciaDid she do any other exercises than yoga? It is important to note that yoga is sufficient exercise, even though she did not reveal it.

Kirsten’s example shows that while most people prefer to burn more fat and then lose weight, it is possible to lose as much weight by following a low-intensity exercise program and eating a healthy diet.

Kirsten Vangsness underwent weight loss surgery

Kirsten did not undergo any surgery to achieve her new appearance. This belief is shared by many bloggers and media professionals because it is believed that Kirsten’s dramatic weight loss was possible without surgery or weight loss pills.

However, her claims of dramatic weight loss are not true. While the 6-week programAlthough her weight loss was accelerated, it took her many months to reach her ideal body weight.

The criminal minds are starved 50 poundsIt took only a few weeks, and it was due to the use of an all-natural weight reduction supplement.

These rumors have been discredited repeatedly since then. She stressed that the only thing that helped her on her weight loss journey was the Inside out podcast.

Kirsten Vangsness’s transformation has been amazing to watch. You can see how hard she worked to transform her looks by looking at her red-carpet photos from 2015 and 2016.

Her recent red carpet looks clearly show that her weight loss has made it more confident and daring. She is now wearing brighter colors and showing off more skin than she used to.

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Kirsten Vangsness before and after weight loss

Kirsten Vangsness was an obese plus-size woman who weighed nearly 200 pounds before she started her weight loss journey. After three years of hard work and struggle, she lost approximately 50 pounds of body fat.

Kirsten Vangsness now sat at about 185 lbs 150 pounds / 69 kilogramsShe stands at 5 feet 6 inches. That means Kirsten’s body mass index score is about 24.2 m / kg2In the meantime, she lives a normal and healthy life.

Her BMI score was only 32.3 m/kg three years ago2. Needless to mention that in her journey, it wasn’t so easy that it sounds; however, such incredible results make all struggles forget.

Moreover, throughout her weight loss journey, she tried to follow the natural process as much as possible, and she hasn’t opted for any artificial or shortcut ways to lose her weight. That’s the reason it takes about three years to lose 50 pounds.

Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight in Pounds150 Pounds
Weight in Kilograms69 Kilograms
BMI24.2 m/kg2
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe Size9 US Size (Approx.

She also relied heavily on healthy green food as a vegetarian for her diet. It was more than 24 yearsShe has been living a vegan lifestyle for the past four years. She should also mention that her fat loss journey taught them patience and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

She is also more energetic and cheerful than ever.

Want to see Kirsten Vangsness’ transformation photo now? You can see the visual changes in her by taking a look at the photo.

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The Conclusion

Kirsten Vangsness lost weight at 200 pounds. She now weighs 150. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say Kirsten Vangsness weight loss journey is one of the most talked-about weight-loss transformations because not many people believe that it is possible for anyone to lose that much weight in a short time.

To have achieved this, it would have taken a lot discipline. It is impossible to remain that Kirsten didn’t have the discipline required. But we know that she has demonstrated that sometimes the extra ingredients needed in a weight loss journey include a positive mindset, being at peace, and having a positive outlook.

Kirsten said that although her weight loss was not dramatic, it took her three more years to reach her weight goal.

Kirsten Vangsness made a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and she has maintained it. Now, she is happier and healthier than ever.

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