Kevin James was once overweight. Kevin James turned his life around, lost significant weight, and looks great.

How did he do this? Here’s his story.

Kevin James, Who Are You?

Kevin James is best-known for his work in the United States as an actor and screenwriter. In 1989, he began his standup comedy career.

After appearing on the CBS sitcom, The King of Queens (where he played Doug Heffernan) for nine seasons, he became a household name.

Even more, the Primetime Emmy Award nominee has received more attention for his appearance in the comedy film as a MMA fighter. Here Comes the Boom (2012). He dramatically lost weight to feature in this movie.

Continue reading to find out how the comedian and actor lost weight and has maintained his weight.

Kevin James Weight Loss Journey

Kevin James was given a difficult role in the comedy film 2012. Here comes the BoomMuch to the delight of many, he did. To portray his character, Scott Voss, an MMA fighter, he needed to lose some weight.

The famed scriptwriter practiced as though he was going into battle to make his characters more believable.

He had to lose 80 lbs to be able to sustain many rounds in a ring. He also worked on his muscles in order to pass as a mixed-martial artist.

What is Kevin James’ Weight Loss Secret?”

Kevin James credited his weight loss to his trainer, Ryan Parsons, a well-known MMA trainer.

In preparation for his role in the movie, the movie star was put through intensive exercise and diet for 14 months. He exercised three times a day, running and sparring as well as drinking greens.

James would ride a bicycle for an hour, and run up and down stairs. He was also required to perform a regular medicine ball program that included push-ups (sit-ups), and boxing.

As he improved his endurance, balance, and core strength, he became fitter and ready for the movie role.

Kevin James hasn’t stopped trying to control his weight after feeling so good about staying fit and safe after his appearance in Here comes the BoomEven though he appears to have gained some weight after appearing in the film,

Kevin James’ Weight Loss Journey: Lessons from Kevin James

What can we learn from Kevin James’s weight loss and fitness journeys. Below are a few.

1. Eat Healthy Diet

Rather than going on and off with diets that lead to falling back to old habits, it’s best to commit to a new healthy diet and lifestyle for the long haul.

Kevin James was consistent with his diet plan which contributed significantly to his weight reduction.

Although changing your lifestyle can seem daunting, once you get used to it, making healthier choices will become second nature.

You’ll be able to control your weight even more efficiently, and your healthy lifestyle would be effortless.

2. Combine Exercise Routines and Healthy Eating

It is better to combine exercise and a balanced diet in order to lose weight than to rely on calorie restriction alone.

Kevin James didn’t depend on dieting or exercise. He combined both to achieve fast weight loss.

Weight maintenance and weight loss can be made easier by exercising. Exercise can help you increase your metabolism and burn more calories per day.

You can also lose weight faster by eating low-calorie food. If you are looking to lose weight, consider following Kevin James’s advice and exercising.

3. Get a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can assist you if you are just getting started with an exercise program or if you aren’t seeing success with your current routine.

Ryan Parsons, a MMA trainer, helped Kevin James. There is no doubt that this personal support, motivation, and guidance played a significant role in Kevin James’ weight loss.

A personal trainer can be a fantastic resource if you want to build an individualized routine to support your weight loss goals, get in shape, or even feel like you’d benefit from the added accountability.

Wrapping Up

Kevin James proved that anyone can achieve their ideal body weight. Healthy weight loss is possible with consistency, exercise, diet plans, and possibly a personal trainer to assist you.

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