Angel Strawbridge is a well-known television personality, entrepreneur and author. She was born in East London, United Kingdom, on 7 April 1978. She is the daughter Stephan NewsmanJennifer Newsman, who managed a family jewel shop.

Angel has had to deal with extra weight since childhood. Obese people are more likely to struggle with losing weight. This can lead to improved fitness and good health.

There are many benefits to losing weight. It lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes (adult onset diabetes), and helps to manage pressure.

This article will guide you through Angel Strawbridge’s weight-loss journey. Find out Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss secrets, diet and workout regimen, as well as her before and after photos.

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey

Angel has lost about a kilo since she began a weight loss journey. 33 pounds overall. She began her weight loss journey back in 2009 and tracked every meal she ate beginning at breakfast, lunch, dinner. She lost33 pounds immediately.

Diet Plan

Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss journey was influenced by her healthy Diet plan. She follows an 80/20 healthier foods diet plan.

The plan requires that 80 per cent of your food must be nutritious and healthy, including whole grains, lean proteins, such as soy, beans, and edamame.

She also avoided junk food and processed foods in the interim. Instead, she ate homemade healthy foods, fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods.

You should also eat healthier meals, take supplements, and eat less fats. Olives and avocados. A healthy lifestyle includes eating vegetables and fruits.

She would eat fish or chicken if she felt the need. One more important food in her diet was Salad. Different types of Salad were made mandatory in her daily diet.

Exercise Routine

Undoubtedly, diet plays a major role in a successful weight loss journey. However, it is important to remember that exercise can also play a major role in shaping your body.

Angel made sure Angel was exercising and she attended the sessions regularly.

She works out 5-6 days per week. She does. Cardio for 20 minutesYou can do this by body-weight training and step-ups as well as sled push.

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She also does resistance training for 15-20 minutes. She usually exercises for 30 minutes each day.

Angel works out5- 6 days in a Week
Cardio20 minutes
Resistance training15-20 minutes
Exercises30 minutes per day

Angel Strawbridge Weight-Loss Surgery

Angel and Dick, an ex-army officer, use yoga to manage stress. Rumours abound that Angel may have had some surgery. So, Angel Strawbridge underwent weight loss surgery?

Angel stated in one of her interviews that she believes that Angel is a “good person.” OperationThis can help you shed those extra pounds. Strawbridge might have had weight loss surgery.

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Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Prior to After

Angel Strawbridge was her first weight loss journey. She has mastered her diet and monitors her weight.

It took her a month to see any weight loss after she started working out. She is very careful about what she eats and restricts her snacking. She also drinks lots of water and avoids sugary foods.

Before her weight loss journey she was 176 pounds. Or 80 kgAfter working to reduce her body weight and improve her overall health, she lost 33 pounds.

Angel Strawbridge currently weighs in at 143 lbs (65 KG). Moreover, she is 5’6″ tall with a body mass index of 23.1 m/kg2This indicates that she falls within the normal healthy category.

Here is a photo to illustrate the weight loss prior to and after Angel Strawbridge.

Angel Strawbridge before and after weight loss transformation
Height5 Feet 6 Inch
Weight (Before weight loss)176 Pounds
Weight (After Weight Loss)143 Pounds
Weight Loss33 Pounds
BMI Index23.1 m/kg2
Hair ColorBright Red
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe Size8 (US Size)

Angel Strawbridge Personal Lives

Angel Strawbridge is currently married to her husband Dick Strawbridge. The couple lives in London but have recently purchased a chateau in France which they are renovating.


Angel Adoree is a go getter with a magical touch. She fell in love early with fashion and developed a passion to vintage items.

Angel began her passion for fashion at the age of 13. Angel spent every penny she could get on clothes and accessories.

She has so many! Vintage clothing and accessoriesWhen she started her first business, this was her opening stock.

At the age of 17, she moved to London and opened a vintage clothing and accessories stall. The stall was located at the Spitalfields Market.

This is where Angel began her journey into business, which led to her becoming a successful businesswoman. Angel moved into East London School House in 2000.

Angel used to invite fashion lovers and friends to come to her house to eat delicious food and drink, and to listen to Jazz while she bought vintage clothes.

Angel is a creative individual who integrated her creativity into her fashion company. It helped Angel’s business boom and caught the attentions of other fashion designers. Paul Smith, Cutler & Gross and Kim Jones.

Her fashion business has also been covered extensively by magazines like Sunday Times, Grazia, and The Independent.

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She attended Aston+Hayes Institute and studied accounting and business studies. She combined her business knowledge and her vintage passion in establishing her fashion company.

Her appearance in the “The Amazing Race” made her famous. Dragons DenA BBC series. She approached Dragons in 2010 to pitch her business. Investors like Deborah Meaden, Paphitis, were attracted to her pitching.

However, the investment didn’t go through due to a number of reasons. Angel’s visibility and brand recognition grew, however. She was able to land a book deal at Dragon Den. She authored and published the Vintage Tea Party Series. It was one of the most popular books of 2011.

She also published Vintage Tea Party Year 2012 and Vintage Sweets (2013) in 2012. Angel has sold many copies around the globe. Through the Dragon Den TV Show agent, she met her husband Dick Strawbridge.

Angel’s net worth is estimated to be $2-3 million. Angel, who escaped to the chateau and has since released a collection beautiful flowers that French castle lovers can use to furnish their homes.

Angel Strawbridge answers your questions in the attached Q&A video.


Chateau is currently available for rent. The castle was renovated by the couple. It is available for hire for vintage weddings, special events, and retreats.

Angel’s net worth is estimated to be $2-3 million. Angel, who escaped to the chateau, has created a collection beautiful flowers that French castle lovers can use to decorate their homes.

Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss journey is over. We hope you will discover the secrets to her weight loss success.

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