Crunches are strength training exercises that target your abs as well as your oblique muscles. They are easy to perform and don’t require any special equipment.

Regular crunches can reduce back pain and help you burn calories if done regularly. 

This article will tell you everything you need to know about crunches and how many calories they can burn.

What are crunches?

The crunch is an exercise to strengthen your core. It involves lifting your upper body a few inches above the ground and back.

Crunches target your rectus abdominalis (often called the six-packs), and strengthen your back, hips, and shoulders.

These are great warm-up exercises to do for intense strength training. 

Crunch exercise has many benefits

The crunch exercise is not only good for your core muscles but also has the following benefits.

  1. It improves balance and posture. 
  2. May ease back pain
  3. It is easy to learn and can be done anywhere.
  4. It doesn’t require any special equipment. 

How many calories do crunches burn?

Crunches burn only a small amount of calories, and this amount is dependent on several factors, including the individual’s weight and training duration. 

These are some factors that can influence how much you burn calories during crunches. 

Size of the body

This is a major determinant of how many calories are burned in any exercise. The more you weigh, the more calories you’ll lose. 

For example, a person of 155 pounds will burn 55 calories in 10 minute’s of moderate-intensity crunches. A man of 185 pounds will burn 66 calories by doing the same exercise. 

Exercise time

Like other exercises such as running, crunches can help you lose weight.

In 3 minutes, you can burn approximately 17 calories if your weight is around 170. You can burn as many as 29 calories per minute if you train for 5 minutes each day.


The more rigorous your crunch training, the more calories you’ll lose.

For example, a man of 125 pounds who loses 20 calories in five minutes will burn more fat by crunching at a faster pace. 

How to calculate your crunch calories burned

To calculate your crunch calorie loss, you can use a calories burned calculator. These calculators are online. The formula below will give you a more precise calorie measurement.

Number of calories burned in a minute [MET × 3.5 × your weight (in kg)] / 200 

The intensity of crunches can affect the MET. For light-intensity crunches, it is between 2.8 and 3.0 for moderate effort. The MET for high-intensity crunches averages 8.

For 70kg, that means you’ll burn 4.7 calories if you crunch for 1 minute.

(To calculate your weight per kilogram, divide your weight per pound by 2.2).

How to do the crunch exercise

Crunches can be done very easily.

Begin by lying on your back on the ground. Keep your legs together and bend your knees so that your feet touch the ground.

Place your hands on your chest or behind you ears. This will stabilize your neck. Next, lift your head and shoulder blade slightly off the ground.

As you do this, contract the abdominal muscles and exhale to raise your back. For a few seconds, hold the position and then inhale as your back falls. Three sets of 15 reps are required.

How to properly do crunches

  1. Keep your neck neutral, and your chin elevated.
  2. Avoid abrupt and rapid movements.
  3. Don’t jerk the shoulders too high or more than 2 inches; the aim is to challenge your core. 
  4. Try not to push your head forward with your hands – the movement for the exercise should come from your abs, spine, and lower back.
  5. Throughout the movement, keep your abs tight. Don’t wholly relax your shoulders on the ground.

There are many types of crunches

Like the fire hydrant exercise, there are also several ways to do the crunches. Here are the most commonly used crunch exercises.

Standing crunch

First, place your feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Next, place your hands behind you head. 

Lift your left knee towards your chest, then slowly lower your body so that your right elbow touches your left knee.

Next, lower the knee to return to your starting position. Next, repeat the process on your right leg. Perform three sets.

Bicycle crunch 

This exercise will require that your legs are slightly higher than the ground.

Move to a crunch position, and then start to ride your legs in air. As you ride, your elbows should be directed towards the opposite leg. 

Repeat this process 10-12 times for five rounds.

Reverse crunch

To reach your chest, move your knees slightly. 

Lying on your back, raise your lower back by tightening the abs. Keep your knees slightly elevated above the ground by flexing your knees. 

Crunch by bringing your knees to your chest. Do five sets of three reps.

Scissor crunches

This exercise can also be used to strengthen your legs. 

Lay on your back, with your legs straightened and your hands slightly below your buttocks. 

Your shoulders and head should be lifted off the ground. Tighten your abdominals. Only your lower back, hands, buttocks, and buttocks need to touch the ground. 

Begin to lift your left foot higher than your right. Then, swing your legs sideways and back in an arc-like motion. Continue doing this for ten seconds. Three reps.

How many calories will 100 crunches burn?

An average person can do thirty crunches in a single minute, burning approximately five calories per minute. So, if you complete 100 crunches, it means you’ll spend 3.3 minutes on the exercise. 

To find out how many crunches you’ll burn in 100 crunches, calculate the number of calories you burn in a minute, and then multiply the value by 3.3, that is the time it takes to perform 100 crunches. 

The average person would burn 16.6 calories doing 100 crunches.

How many crunches should a person do daily to lose weight?

This will depend on your weight loss goals. One pound (0.45kg), of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. You can calculate how many crunches it takes to lose one pound in one day or week.

To shed one pound (0.45kg) in one week, you’ll have to do 3,125 crunches a day. This means that you will need to spend approximately one hour 44 minutes (104 minute) doing crunches each day. 

This figure is not realistic and suggests that crunches may not be the best option for weight loss. 


In normal conditions, the crunches can burn around five calories per minute. Crunching is not the best way to lose fat.

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