If you abandon your diet because you aren’t losing weight, don’t give up! It takes about four weeks to notice a change in your weight, and six to eight weeks to notice the difference in others.

To lose weight, you must make long-term lifestyle changes. You must track your progress and celebrate milestones. This is the key to losing weight.

If you’re ready to start your fitness journey, you’re probably anxious about seeing results. It’s what motivates us to continue the actions that get us there.

Not seeing weight loss results can be discouraging and it’s when most people give up a healthy plan..

Luckily, it doesn’t take too long for most people to see some changes after committing to weight loss. I’ve heard a number of people say that it takes about four weeks for you to notice a difference in yourself and six to eight weeks for others to notice. The exact timeframe depends on your individual situation.

It took me 4 weeks of being ULTRA consistent before I started to see results.. It wasn’t until I was consistent for that long that I realized why so many diet attempts in the past didn’t work out. I gave up too quickly!!

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There are many factors that can accelerate or slow down weight loss. You should consider your personal circumstances when setting your expectations for your weight loss results. Some people will notice a significant difference in a matter of weeks. Others may need to persevere for a longer time to see any noticeable changes. Read my weight loss story here

Here are five things that can impact how long it takes you to notice weight loss results.

1. Start Weight

As a rule of thumb, people with a higher starting mass will see their numbers drop faster than those with a lower start weight. Simply by being overweight, you will burn more calories per day. It’s easier to create a larger calorie deficit, which leads to faster weight loss in terms of pounds. (How to calculate your personal caloric deficit)

A person who is starting at a lower weight may notice a greater weight loss at first. A 150 lb person might lose 5 lbs more than someone who is 300 lb. This is because 5 pounds is a larger percentage of their starting body weight.

2. Calorie Intake

The most important factor in determining your weight loss speed is how many calories you consume in a given day. To lose 1 lb of weight, your body must create an intake deficit of 3500 calories. That means you will need to eat 3,500 fewer calories than you burn. This is easiest to do by reducing your daily calorie intake. Get started with calorie counting

If you eat 500 calories fewer than you burn in a day, you’ll have lost 1 lb of fat in a week. If you eat 1,000 fewer calories per day, you’ll lose 2 pounds per week. A bigger deficit results in faster weight loss, but you shouldn’t overdo it when it comes to cutting calories. It is easier to keep track of a smaller calorie deficit.

3. Diet Changes

You don’t necessarily have to make major changes to your diet to lose weight as long as you create a calorie deficit. It is always a good idea to improve the quality of your diet. You may notice a difference in your diet if you stop eating high-sodium and processed foods and start eating healthier, natural foods. You’re losing water weight and reducing your bloat, so you may feel and look quite a bit leaner right away. (Check out my meal plan here)

4. Activity Level

Your activity level is a key factor in how many calories you consume each day. This can have a major impact upon your calorie deficit and weekly weight reduction. These are just a few factors that can influence how many calories your body burns each day.

  • What is more important: Having an active job or a sedentary one?
  • How often do you exercise
  • How active are your hobbies?
  • Your starting weight
  • Your body fat percentage, and muscle mass
  • Your age

5. Consistency

How quickly you see results depends on how consistent your weight loss efforts are. If you’re less strict with your diet or exercise routine on the weekends, your results will happen more slowly. If you stick to your plan every single day, you’ll see faster progress. It is important to find balance and be patient with yourself as your life changes. Read more about consistency over intensity! This is a good idea!

How to Measure Weight Loss Progress

Healthy weight loss takes time. This can be frustrating because you may not see any results right away. Multiple systems of measuring your weight loss is a great way of overcoming this problem. This will allow you to see the whole picture of your fitness journey, and give you more chances to recognize your successes.

Your weight on the scale is the most obvious form of measurement if you’re trying to drop pounds. Some people prefer to weigh their bodies daily, while others prefer weekly weight-ins.

Weight isn’t your only option for measuring fat loss, though. You can also track your waist circumference, or other body measurements to see the changes in your body. There are plenty of reasons why your weight loss on the scale may stall, but if your body measurements go down, you can trust that you’re losing fat.

A progress photo can be a useful tool for weight loss. While photos don’t provide objective data like the scale or measuring tape, I find that comparing pictures taken a few weeks apart can reveal some dramatic changes. Because weight loss is so gradual, you don’t always notice how much your body has changed. With before and after pictures, though, you can truly see how far you’ve come.

You probably won’t see your weight loss results overnight, but you should always keep trying. You will lose weight slowly, no matter how much you want. Trust that you’ll lose fat if you stay in a calorie deficit, and be patient with yourself while you wait for the results. You can lose weight and maintain your results by making balanced, sustainable choices.

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