Due to the quarantine, all of us have gained more weight. This is due to the lack of movement, skipping workout routines, eating and cooking too much.

A recent Health Canal research found that almost 70% of those aged 20 and older are overweight, with 40% suffering from obesity.

This situation is alarming and must be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, it can lead to serious consequences. It is the perfect time to shed those extra kilos now that it is summer. 

The main problem is our inability take time to care for our fitness. However, virtually everything is possible in today’s technological age, including losing weight.

To get rid of all your insecurity, you only need a smart device with stable internet access like Spectrum. Check out Spectrum Deals if you want a reliable connection at affordable prices.

We have listed some tried-and-true tips and hacks below to help you get rid of extra fat.

The icing on the cake, these tips would surely provide results instantly and won’t require you to take much time out of your busy schedule. 

Let’s take a peek below: 


MyFitnessPal allows you to record your daily meals, water intake and keep track of your total calories. It can set a calorie limit that is based on BMI, and allow you to track your weight-loss journey from start to finish.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for using the search function, you can utilize the built-in barcode scanner to locate or enter information manually. It also tracks the number of steps and adds them into the daily exercise.

WW App

This app is a must have for every smartphone. It has features such as 24/7 training and a reward system. It will help you lose weight quickly and effectively.

It has a wide range of approved nutritious dishes that aren’t widely available, which is our favorite feature.

Fooducate App

The Fooducate App is the most useful. It helps you decide which goods to purchase based on their nutritional values. Grocery shopping has never been easier, and it reads the barcode and tells you exactly what’s in it.

What’s more, it even alerts you about poisonous substances damaging your health.

Map My Run

Whatever form of activity you prefer, Map My Run will guide you, track your calories, and help you maintain your health by recommending nearby places to run, cycle, practice yoga, and exercise, so you don’t miss out on the sweat.

It can also sync with other devices, so you can access your data from anywhere.

Fitness Buddy

This app acts as a virtual trainer and dietician. It recommends the best activities and customizes your diet. It also keeps track of your progress towards your goal.

It is suitable for both novice and experienced lifters. This software’s most appealing feature is its large video library. It allows you to mix and match your workout routines.

30-Day Fitness at Home

This program provides a 30-day challenge for you to participate in if your goal is to see immediate results. Keep your stamina up if you’re serious about losing weight quickly.

The exercises can be done by anyone from beginners to professionals to experts and professionals. If you can’t complete some of the steps, don’t panic; there are other exercises you can do instead.

The program is free with no in-app purchase and the video instructions are easy to follow.

Home Workout – No equipment

There’s no need to go to the gym once this workout beast is installed on your phone. It allows you to exercise without any special equipment. It will direct you based on your strength level and ability level to ensure you complete the task.

Fitness App for Women

This app is for people who don’t have a lot of free time during the day. It allows you to organize activities according to your body type, which makes it easy to incorporate physical activity into your busy schedule.

These exercises can be done in as little time as seven minutes each day. If you do them consistently, you will see remarkable results.

Daily Water Tracker Alert

Drinking enough water is essential if you want to lose weight, flush out toxins, and stay hydrated. The Daily Water Tracker app sends customizable reminders and alerts that remind you to drink enough water. Without the tracker’s frequent reminders, it’s impossible to stay hydrated!


Now that you know the best weight loss apps online, you can get ready for summer. We wish all the best for your weight loss journey. 

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