There are many products that can help you lose weight without feeling guilty. This grocery shopping guide outlines the current products I’m loving to stay on my plan in 2022.

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Latest grocery store guide for healthy eating

I get it! If you’re like me, you love food so much that it can interfere with your weight loss goals. How can you control your appetite with so much tempting food in front of you?

There are options for you if your love of food seems to be the biggest obstacle to your health.

I’ve found myself relying on these grocery store finds to still enjoy food, without all the calories. I’m less likely to indulge in junk food when I have this list of food options. “real thing”All year!

Foods I’m currently buying that support my weight loss goals:

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meats, and fish should make up the majority of your grocery list. Beyond that, this grocery shopping guide outlines the current products I’m loving to stay on my plan in 2020. This shopping list is for packaged, processed foods that make your food taste great and will make you feel indulgent!

This printable list is also available if you wish to take it to your local store.! PRINT THE PDF RIGHT HERE

Disclosure: While not every item on this list can be found on Amazon, when it is on Amazon, I’m including an affiliate link! Thank you for your support.

  1. Walden Farms Syrup– I love this syrup! I use it to flavor my morning oats, top healthy pancakes or waffles and even drizzle it on plain Greek yogurt. It is easy to find at most grocery and health food stores.
  2. Cookies and Cream Protein PowderOver the past year, I’ve tried many protein powders but I keep coming back at this classic (which you can find at your local Costco). The Combat, cookies & cream protein. It’s 140 calories per scoop, and it honestly has the best taste, for the best price, of all the protein powders I’ve tried. I either add it to almond milk or I stir it into Greek Yogurt. (my cookies and cream dip with the yogurt is here) When I buy vanilla protein powder, it’s the Here’s the Optimum Nutrition brand (also Costco)
  3. Mixture of sugar-free puddings– The Jello brand (or store brand) sugar free pudding mix has been a life saver for me when I’m craving dessert. It tastes exactly like pudding, but with nearly 20 grams of protein! It’s great in protein shakes. I add it to plain Greek yogurt (or vanilla protein if I have cheesecake or white chocolate). It makes protein shakes more pudding-like. It is also used in some recipes, such as this pumpkin pie dessert. It is available in most US supermarkets.
  4. Sugar-free Jello You can buy pre-made sugar free jello in the cold section of your store, but it’s not very cost effective. 4 tiny, tiny cups are enough for me to eat in one bite. I prefer to use the dry mix. I also reduce the amount water I use to make my Jello thicker, like jigglers. I love sugar-free jello to eat with dinner or after. You don’t have to use the Jello brand. I also like the store name.
  5. Healthy Noodle – of all the low, almost no-calorie pasta brands, the Healthy Noodle brand you can find at Costco stores is hands down, the best one! This is a great opportunity for grocery stores to offer this product. Their website claims that there are only 25 calories per serving “That means it is not only a sugar free noodle but also Gluten free, Dairy free, Fat free, Cholesterol Free and very low in Carbohydrates and calories — a perfect fit for many dietary restrictions.
  6. Livia Noodle– This pasta is my second choice if I’m not going to Costco. I can find the Livia brand at my local grocery store, Macey’s. It’s more affordable than the Healthy Noodle at the Costco stores, and it’s shelf stable. This one I keep in the pantry. The Healthy Noodle brand goes in my fridge.
  7. Peanut butter powder– Just in the past year, I’ve seen an explosion of brands that sell peanut butter powder. Although I only purchase the best, PBFit because they are at Costco and they happen to be a local company, I’m pretty confident all the brands are similar. Peanut butter powder can be mixed with water and spread onto granola bars or rice cakes. I also like it added to Greek Yogurt (it seems that I add a lot of things to Greek Yogurt!). ha!)
  8. Kodiak cakes– Kodiak cakes has become a household brand for anyone involved in the physique/body building world, and the popularity has crossed over into the general population. This brand is known for making high-protein pancake mixes. They taste amazing, the macros are perfect, and the versatility of this mix is unmatched. I’ve made cookies, waffles, pancakes, muffins, and more. This mix is my favorite! This product is available at Costco and virtually every grocery store.
  9. Xantham gum– While this product isn’t a necessity, I do like to have it on hand to make protein fluff (my strawberry protein fluff recipe is here)! It can be used to make gluten-free recipes elastic and act like a binding agent.
  10. G Hughes Sugar-free BBQ Sauce – I found this BBQ Sauce after turning every bottle of BBQ sauce over to see the calories during one of my grocery trips. G Hughes had 5 calories per tablespoon and I didn’t know how it tasted. Even if I didn’t LOVE it, I wanted to use it. The taste was also delicious, which is a good thing! It’s my new go-to BBQ sauce.
  11. Quick Oats– I eat oatmeal every single day. That’s why I love 1 minute quick oats. 1/3 cup oats is all you need (for 100 calories). I add 1/3 cup water. I heat it in the microwave for about 1 minute. Let it cool down for a second before I add vanilla extract and cinnamon. For 30 seconds, return it to the microwave. Stir once more and then add a sweetener like Tasty shakes (zero calorie sugar) or sugar-free syrup. Then, return for the last 30 seconds.
  12. Tasty Shakes – For oatmeal, maple & brown sugar and apples & cinnamon are my favorite. These only have 10 calories per cup and make plain oatmeal taste amazing! Beyond oatmeal, I’m determined to find some other ways to use these sweet seasonings.
  13. Feast mode seasonings– While I use the Ranch Feast Mode most often, thisHoney butter and cinnamonIt’s so good! In full disclosure, I bought some of these for $5 per bottle when they were at a local expo, and I’m not sure that I would ever pay full price. These are fantastic, but you have to have a cheaper option. You could even try a copycat recipe. HMU are great on vegetables, toast, and popcorn.
  14. Kernel seasonings– My LATEST obsession! Honestly, I wish I never knew about this because one bowl of popcorn isn’t usually enough. I always want more. My favorites are kettle corn, caramel and white cheddar. The lid says to also use them in yogurt, and pancakes, which I haven’t tried yet.
top healthy seasonings and shake ins
  1. Built BarsThe calories are what stop me from eating protein bars. If they taste good, they can be 250+. That is until I discovered Built Bars! Built bars contain only 110 calories. They don’t taste like traditional protein bars. They taste better, I think! They were difficult to find in my regular grocery store but I find them at nutrition and health food stores. Amazon has some, and here’s an affiliate link to the Built bar store
  2. La Banderita Carb Counter Flour Tortilla – I did a whole post on low calorie tortillas here. At the time, my favorite was the Maya brand, but I’ve since switched to the La Bandarita carb counter flour tortilla at 45 calories each! This product is available in almost all grocery stores. It’s WORTH the money!! These are the best.
  3. Harpers homemade bran bread– Unfortunately, this bread might not be at your grocery stores. I can find it at my Walmart and Associated food stores, but it’s hit and miss. I can not deny it’s my favorite bread! It’s delicious, has only 80 calories and 5 grams fiber per slice.
  4. Lakanto monkfruit sweetnessener– A zero calories sugar, I use this in a lot of recipes. This sugar is made with Erythritol. It is available at major grocery stores, Amazon and Costco.
  5. Skinny Pop 100 calorie popcorn– Because portion control can be impossible with delicious food, I love single serving packages, like this Skinny Pop. If you’ve ever had a huge Costco bag of Skinny Pop, where they brag about it only being 39 calories per cup, you will know that you never eat one cup. I could actually eat 400 cups of the huge Costco bags. So I instead buy the 100 calorie Skinny Pop bags, even though it’s more expensive. Without more popcorn, I won’t over eat! (You can see the popcorn experiment that I did with my children here.
  6. Quaker Rice Cakes– I like Rice Cakes! They are good plain. I love them with toppings. Rice cakes are often viewed as a diet food by many people. So, I guess I like diet foods! It definitely doesn’t feel like diet food to me, when you can top them with so many yummy things. Here’s a list of my favorite protein toppings for rice cakes.
  7. Quaker Rice Crisps– Like the Skinny Pop, the single serving Rice crisps are the best! When you like the Cheddar or caramel flavored rice crisps, it’s nice to limit the portions to under 100 calories. These are always handy and I keep them in my bag for hiking or when I need to take them with me on long runs.
  8. Dave’s Killer Bread thin sliced– For most bread, weight is the biggest predictor of calories. That’s why I appreciate that Dave’s Killer Bread keeps the same yummy bread, but slice it thinly so you can get it for 70 calories per slice. (Check out my favorite low-calorie breads at the grocery store here)
  9. Crystal Light (Strawberry with Caffeine). – Trying to wean myself from Diet Coke, I started drinking Crystal Light with caffeine, and WOW! It’s great!
  10. BCAA’s –Xtend Strawberry KiwiOr Fruit Punch– When I started my bikini prep, I started to take BCAA’s. Even though my coach doesn’t recommend it, I continue to use it. (there really isn’t a whole lot of evidence suggesting it has benefits) However, I still like it as a drink. Granted, it’s an expensive drink, but I feel like mentally it’s making my muscles bigger! lol.
  11. Alpine Sugar-free apple cider– This cider is only 15 calories per cup! It is best if it is warm at the end the day. It is a great way to end a long day of eating. I feel like after drinking a mug of hot cider, I don’t go back to the kitchen to graze on more food. It’s a wonderful thing!
  12. Nestle Hot Chocolate is Fat Free– Although I like the cider better, this hot chocolate isn’t too bad. It contains 25 calories per cup. Nestle also makes a sugar-free hot cocoa, but it is not very good. But I do like the fat-free one.
  13. Bolthouse Farms Ranch dressing– You will see this dressing in almost every salad I make and share. As far as low calorie dressings go, I’ve tried MANY, and none of them even come close to the great taste of the Bolthouse Ranch! See my favorite Grilled Chicken Salads here
  14. Olive Garden Light Italian– My second favorite healthy dressing is the Olive Garden Light Italian. It has it’s place (when I don’t want Ranch), and tastes great! This dressing is great with all the other dressings available at the store.
  15. Butter flavored Cooking spray– I need stock in Butter Flavored cooking spray! It’s great on popcorn and I use it all the time. I rarely use oil or butter in my skillets. Butter flavored spray can be used to cook vegetables, eggs, and chicken.
  16. Egg whites in a carton– Costco really is the best place to purchase egg whites. I have done the math though, and in most grocery stores, it’s actually cheaper to buy eggs and separate them yourself. We also have chickens that are laying eggs now, so I don’t have to buy the cartons as often. But it is convenient!
  17. Nonfat Plain Greek yogurt– The store brand is good. The Kirkland Costco brand was great! Nonfat plain Greek yogurt is my best option for reaching my daily protein goals. With 100 calories, and 17 grams of protein per serving, I can’t live without it!
  18. Pumpkin canned in a can– While I use canned pumpkin in recipes, I also like to stir it into Greek yogurt, or add it to a vanilla protein drink. You can make it delicious by simply adding pumpkin pie spice and sweetening it.
  19. Almond milk vanilla, unsweetened. Vanilla unsweetened almond milk has only 30 calories per cup. This is what I use to mix protein powder with regular or water. It tastes better and has less calories than regular milk.
  20. Light butterCountry Crock)- The light butter is a healthier alternative to full fat butter. Although full fat butter is not considered unhealthy, it can have twice or three times the calories. You might as well save some money.
  21. Turkey bacon– I just started adding Turkey bacon to my breakfast this year. I don’t care for fatty bacon, but the turkey bacon has a nice, salty crisp to it, that goes perfectly with my scrambled eggs!
  22. Riced cauliflowerA large bag of frozen riced cauliflower is so versatile. I use it in my rice-based dinners to increase the volume of my rice without adding calories. It is also available in frozen vegetable aisles at Costco and Walmart. I just buy the brand name. Cauliflower can also be called cauliflower, is that correct?

That’s my current list! This list will change as I become more adventurous with certain foods and discover new ones. But for 2022, it’s pretty much what’s in my pantry right now!

35 products for healthy eating

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