Emilia Isobel Euphemia, was born October 23, 1986. She attended the Drama Centre London where she was a part of several stage productions.

She made her television debut at BBC, where she starred in the soap opera-Doctors. Screen International Magazine ranked her among the UK stars of Tomorrow in 2010.

She also appeared in the TV film “The Year of the Dog” that year. Triassic Attack. Between 2011 and 2019, her fame grew. This was her appearance in Game of Thrones where she played the role of Daenerys.

This is her only role, which brought her into the public eye and earned her four Oscars. Nominations for Emmy Awards.

She was nominated for the British Artist of The Year Award in 2018 and was awarded BAFTA Britannia Award. Clarke has been nominated many times for awards throughout her career.

She was nominated for four Emmy prime-time Emmy Awards in 2019 and was a lead actress on Game of Thrones drama series.  

Unfortunately, her weight problems became a hot topic after she began acting.

Continue reading to learn more about Emilia Clarke’s weight loss journey, and how her lean diet helped her overcome it and feel great.

Emilia Clarke Weight Loss Journey

From 2013 she suffered from Subarachnoid HemorrhageIt was so difficult for her to remember her name, it made it even more difficult for her to remember her name. Her physician recommended immediate surgery.

A small aneurysm condition made her life more difficult. It led to mental health issues that forced her to have surgery. She had two medical conditions. Brain AneurysmsShe was diagnosed with a condition that weakens the artery wall. However, she later recovered her mental health..

After a while, however, she began to gain weight. People started to talk about how she had neglected her core strength, which is taking care of herself. Some believed her weight problems were due to her love of food.

The truth was that Emilia Clarke was the true story. Her health had never been compromised. She embarked on Emilia Clarke’s weight loss journey to help lose weight.

Actress, she needed to be attractive to her fans. She began a special diet and exercise program to lose weight.

How did Emilia Clarke shed weight?

Emilia was required for the tougher role, M2other of Dragon, in Terminator. It was a tough role that put her under pressure. She had to be careful about her body weight and keep fit.

She was also a part of other series, such as Triassic Attack, game of thrones and many others. She had to keep fit because she played the role of mother of Dragons in the Game of Thrones.

Diet Plan

She started working out and a balanced diet to control her weight. Emilia Clarke isn’t a strict follower of one type of diet, but she has been consistent. She prefers a natural healthy diet which she prepares with a happy kitchen book by James.


Emilia Clarke, the game of thrones star, chooses to be strict when she trains for Terminator Genisys Avoid eating unhealthy foodBecause of her new role as a mother to dragons. It made her stand out as a character you could trust.

So spent hours in weapons training. This meant that her body was toned and she was restricted from eating normal food.

She avoids refined white flour and refined sugar. Her trainer also advised her to Avoid processed food. When asked to advice her fans on the best foods to eat, she repeated the words of her personal trainer.

People should be aware of the ingredients in the processed foods they purchase. According to her, people should never be misguided by Gluten-Free marks, which food processors gladly put on their labels just for their argument’s sake.

Emilia Clarke

The Game of Thrones star insisted that her fans should not eat junk food.

Terminator Diet

The Terminator movie demands led to Emilia Clarke’s weight loss journey. Being the mother to dragons required that Clarke monitor her weight to ensure she is physically fit.

She had to do intense training in preparation for the role.

She had to also check her diet while filming Terminator Genisys. Sugar and sodium intakeTo the minimum.

She also watched how many calories she consumed each day, including avoiding processed foods, white bread, and sugary foods.

What’s Emilia Clarke’s Current Diet Plan

Emilia Clarke’s current diet plan is influenced by what her trainer told her to do during the filming of the Terminator Genisys. She eats clean and lean foods and healthy fats.

She enjoys sweets and treats even though she is a vegetarian. 

During filming of Terminator, her eating options were limited. She was limited in her intake of fat and sodium, and she had to track how many calories she consumed each day.

Emilia Clarke’s Photo taken from the front. – Image source: @emilia_clarke

Emilia clarke’s personal trainer James Duigan played a significant role in Emilia Clarke’s weight loss journey. He assessed her health and recommended a healthy, lean diet.

He also suggested a workout program that could help her maintain her body shape while she loses weight.

Thus, Clark’s diet is a creation of James DuiganIt is a clean, lean diet that keeps her in good health. James restricted her intake of fatty foods and encouraged her to exercise regularly.

Duigan is a well-known trainer in London and has developed a workout program that complemented Emilia’s diet plan. His facility offers boxing, ballet, yoga and ballet classes.

Duigan recommended a diet high in lean proteins, from all sources, other than fish. It also includes plenty vegetables and many other non processed foods.

Workout plan

Even if you quit eating junk foods, it is important to have a workout program that supports you. Clark was a heavy lifter when she was playing the part of Sarah ConorShe also acted in the game. She then took a break from weight lifting after the shooting and continued her normal life.

The British actress visits the fitness center three times a week. She engages in body weight training in a more relaxed manner. Yoga is another activity that gives her peace and calm. She also walks a lot to check her weight.

She enjoys delicious food but avoids processed foods. She loves to eat. homemade foodsShe follows the same pattern.

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Emilia Clarke’s weight loss journey was a success because she lost around 20 pounds. She looks thinner and has a better physical fitness.

Emilia Clarke Weight loss before After

Emily has seen many changes since she began her weight loss journey. She is now thinner than she was when she was playing the game of Thrones.

Due to her regular exercise and workout plan, she is also very fit. Her beauty and health are much better because of her. Exercise, diet, and fitness routine.

Below is the image showing the difference in her look before after Emilia Clarke’s weight loss journey.


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Emilia Clarke Current Body Weight

Emilia stands 5′ 1″ or 154.54cm tall and weighs 52 kg or about 115 lbs. She has lost approximately 20 lbsEmilia Clarke is on a weight loss journey. At the moment, she is 115 Pounds or 52 Kilograms.

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Her Body Mass Index (BMI), is currently 21.7 m/kg2It is obvious that she is healthy, considering her body type. She has brown eyes and brunette locks.

Height5 Feet 1 inch
Weight (Before).135 Pounds
After weight115 Pounds
Weight Loss Amount20 Pounds
BMI21.7 m/kg2
Hair ColorBrunette
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe SizeSix

Early Life

Emilia discovered acting as a passion at the age 3 after watching the musical showboat. She went to Rye St Antony School and St Edward’s School in Oxford.

She joined the Army after she graduated. Drama Centre London. Before the audition, she made her first screen appearance in a University of London Student film. She took on non-acting roles as she waited for her selection.

Her first acting role came in an episode of Doctors. She was also the main character in Triassic Attack where she played Savannah. She was also a key player in the game of Thrones.

Emilia Clarke Personal life

Emilia was born in Oxford, where her father was a designer. Her mother was a businesswoman, and she served as vice president for a global management company.

Although her parents weren’t very wealthy, Emilia and her younger brother attended a private school because they wanted the best for their children.

Emilia Clarke is currently single, but she is dating Jason Momoa. Emilia Clarke’s net worth is $20 MillionShe earned most of her income from acting. Clark is paid around $1m for a single episode.

She has been in relationships with other stars and dated Jai Courtney, Michael Smith, Charlie McDowell, and many others, but nothing was serious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Emilia Clarke’s weight loss.

Is Emilia Clarke vegetarian?

Emilia Clark does not eat meat and she eats all forms of protein-giving food, except fish. She believes in a clean, lean diet. So she follows Duigan’s clean and lean eating lifestyle.

Emilia Clarke is a successful entrepreneur?

Emilia Clarke works out regularly following Duigan’s workout program. She works under the supervision and guidance of James Duigan. She focuses on body weight training, heavy lifting, and exercises to maintain her amazing shape and be active during film production.

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