Day 16-23 of my weightloss journal. This week was a rollercoaster ride on the scales! Only one way to solve this problem is patience and consistency. (See the other day’s weight loss journal here.

Day 16-23 a major set back image

I think I should share this journal at least once a week. It’s hard enough for me to go through the roller coaster of weight fluctuations, but I don’t want to discourage anyone else from being consistent and patient, as they see how volatile weight can be!

Daily scale report

week 3 scale fluctuations 10 lb drop

Day 16: 118.6

OMG! I don’t want to talk about the weight this morning! I did indulge in two tiny cheats yesterday, but I also ran 12 mil! This is ridiculous!

Yesterday’s cheats were tiny bits of new cookies that my sister bought me for her birthday. I mean tiny. It couldn’t have been more than 150 calories.

But it also shows me three important things:

  1. I can’t have a true judgement on whether a diet is working or not if I continue to add teeny tiny cheats. You can only know if a diet works if you stick to it for an extended time.
  2. and second, I think after two weeks, if there’s no big change in my weight, I really need to be at 1200 calories. The thing is, I’m small and I know my BMR is about 1100 (I took a BMR breathing test once). So, clearly I don’t burn many calories. After a workout, I barely move. In fact, I think I’m going to start tracking my steps after a workout. It could be very low.
  3. This 30-day journey to lose 10 lbs will turn into a LOSE 10, LBS! I’m not constrained by the 30-day part of my journey. But, I have to be very careful not let this idea allow me to justify eating and tell myself I can eat again tomorrow. This is a series of consecutive days of precise tracking until I reach the 10lbs!

So, my new plan, and I’m going to get scientifically exact, is now 1278 calories, 125 grams protein, 100 g carbs, and 42 g fat. 40% Protein, 30% Carbs and 30% Fat) I’m experimenting with that, and I want to shift my carbs to the evening to give me some energy for my morning lifts.

Day 17: 122.3!

OMG! OK. I’m 1000% officially frustrated. Yesterday I overate. I said I wouldn’t, and then I did. It was my birthday and people love to give me treats. They know how much I love treats. I feel like I need to eat gifted food. It’s more than just the taste. I feel obligated overindulge.

But at the same time, I’m pissed that I can’t take one day off and have it UNRAVEL everything! Why must I be so disciplined to achieve my goals

This is definitely the case “fake weight”, as in, I clearly didn’t gain 5 lbs of fat. High sugar and salt levels make me feel like I have a lot of water retention. Water retention can make all the difference between jeans fitting properly and not fitting properly. It is important. “weight gain”. The difference is, it’s easier to drop than fat, of course.

Day 18: 120.0 Pounds.

It takes several days for my weight loss to occur after one day of binging. It’s officially two days post binge, and I’m still struggling. But, I have a good feeling about tomorrow’s weigh in. I’m 1 1/2 gallons of water in, and it feels like the water retention is pouring off by the hour today.

Day 19: 117.6 lbs

Yes, I drank a lot yesterday, and Pee’d a LOT. My jeans fit better now.

Day 20: 118 lbs

Okay, I was still drinking water and exercising regularly, and weighing every 1278 calories of my food. This is a long game. But is it really long? I mean, 20 days FEEL’s like a long time. But is it really?

Day 21: 115.4

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I was so fresh from Sunday’s day of overeating, and still remembering how horrible I felt (bloated. moody. moody. unmotivated). I resolved to not let Thanksgiving cause me the same.

And I didn’t! I still enjoyed the food and my friends and was happy to wake up feeling better. My Thanksgiving plate contained turkey, salad and mushroom poppers along with a deviled Egg. I spread that green salad all over the plate. It felt and looked like I was eating the same amount of food as everyone else.

I also declined pie. I decided ahead of time I wouldn’t have any. Did I miss the rolls with mashed potatoes, stuffing and fruit salad with coolwhipped? Yes. I knew my rolls were good since I’ve had them before. And, I put a whole pound of butter plus cream in the mashed potatoes, so they weren’t even tempting to me, knowing how many calories they probably had. LOL.

Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the day! I think I’m officially back on track.

Day 22: 112.6

This is a new low. I do know that the majority of it was water loss and bloat. “fake weight”. It’s when I reach an abnormally high or low number. It would be easy for me to say, I’ve lost 10 lbs in 1 week! Technically, I did. However, the 122 was an unusual high and the 112 an abnormal low. I’m much more comfortable saying, I MIGHT have lost 5 lbs from the first day of tracking, because I’m really going from my set point weight, which averaged 117 over the last month.

Day 23: 114.6

And, we’re back to 114.6. I feel great here. I don’t feel bloated. I don’t feel “inflammed”, if that’s even a thing. My pants are no longer tight, and my ankles and hands don’t feel like they will burst out of my skin.

I am now left with the question: DOES WATER WEIGHT CONTAIN IN WEIGHT LOSS?

Does weight loss count?

Honestly, people love to hate on losing water weight, as if it doesn’t count towards your weight loss. My clothes fitting me this week from 122 pounds to 112 pounds, as if it was all water weight, made me feel so good. Water weight can add inches, tighten clothes, and a general feeling of discomfort.

The reason most people say it doesn’t count is because that weight loss isn’t sustainable. But, if you are going from a highly inflammatory diet with lots of processed foods, to a clean, whole foods diet, you might be getting rid of some of that excess water that you shouldn’t be carrying around in the first place.

How to lose weight

If you were able to find an extra, “high day” on the scale, and you know you’re retaining water, what can you do to shed the water weight? This is what I normally do:

  1. Reduce salt intake
  2. Reduce consumption of processed sugars
  3. Cut back on soda’s or drinks that contain sodium
  4. For a day, eat low carb
  5. Drink 1-1.5 gallons water
  6. Get active and sweat!
  7. Try Dandelion root and other natural diuretics
  8. Avoid canned meats and processed foods.

My Workouts

I ran a really fast 5K. This was despite the fact that I had been eating low carb for the week and trying to lose weight. I normally have a banana before a race but I had this protein waffle on Thanksgiving. I also had only 75 grams of carbs the day before.

Despite being carb-depleted, I had a great run. It was only three miles. I wouldn’t dare try a carb depleted long run, but I can’t help but notice how much energy I seemed to have. I even beat my last year’s Thanksgiving run (same route), by about 10 seconds. Also, I won 1st place for my age group!

Thanksgiving Point 5K Amy Roskelley, nate roskelley, and sarah kimmel

So, that’s my week, and what a roller coaster of the scale it’s been. A full 10lb difference between Monday and Friday. But with that out of the way, I’m committed to continued consistency!

That’s it for today. Next week, be back!

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